Octoroit Virtual OS

Creates and manages a virtual desktop with full functionality
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Latest version:1.0.0
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Work in a custom-designed operating system launched from the regular desktop and supporting the full range of basic features without access to the core OS. It has smooth interface animations and login-password protection to prevent unauthorized access.

Octoroit Virtual OS 1.0.0 está livre para baixar na nossa biblioteca de programas. Octoroit Virtual OS está dentro da categoria Desktop. O desenvolvedor do Octoroit Virtual OS é OTTA Systems.

Our first OS called 'Flux OS (Retro Version)' was great . People loved it's Design and Features. But it was a little bit slow and had some bugs in it. So we had to make something great. We've spent so many days thinking of new designs , features and written more than 150,000 + lines of code to make things come to life . Then after a long time we got Octoroit as a result,the worlds most amazing Visual Basic Virtual Operating System* yet. Now it's lot more smoother, responsive and more professional looking OS ever made in Visual basic. And Its out now.You can download it for free from our Download Page. Go give it a test drive and don't forget to tell us what you liked about it the most.

​(Disclaimer: It's not a real Operating System.

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